I’m Attending an Arm Party-How About You?

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When I was in junior high (and possibly high school…?) rocking multiple Swatch watches was THE THING and of course, I took that to an extreme.  How I wish I had a picture of the four I used to have adorning my arm, but after some looking around, there are none to be found (which of course, right after I post this I’ll find one).  Fast forward a whole bunch of years to the present and multiple bangles and bracelets is all the rage (called an Arm Party thanks to the Man Repeller), but up until recently I wasn’t able to rock this trend.  Why?  Because of my two year old and his grabby hands.  It wasn’t until about two weeks ago that he has passed this phase so I have an entire five months until the little one arrives to wear as much jewelry as I can on my wrists.

So here’s what I’m rockin’ these days…

Of course, I had to display them up against the baby belly…

 My left arm from the top:  Citizen watch (wedding present from my hubby -I love the slim rectangular face), jade stone bracelet (which is one of the Libra stones and is thought to bring healing and hope), Tiffany Venetian Link bracelet, Tiffany Return to Tiffany necklace double looped as a bracelet

My right arm from the top:  Handmade interpretation of the Chan Luu stone bracelets (I originally made it from the Ruby Mines tutorial which has since been removed.  Another good one is here), Vintage (real) turquoise bracelet that belonged to my great aunt

So do you rock the arm party?  If you don’t because you don’t know how, check out the other ladies linking up to Kristina at Pretty Shiny Sparkly’s Blogger Do It Better series.  Whereas my party is pretty simple, I’m sure there are some fashionistas rocking it to the extreme!


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    Cute bracelets… and I love your comment about the Swatch watches! I also used to wear about a “million” rubber jelly bracelets with my Swatch watches. Good times! ;)

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